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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bad Ideas Illustrated

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist (and other things not to do) by Judi Barrett, illustrations by John Nickle

To be honest this is a book I picked up for the cover. It looked so funny with the little suction tube way up in the shark's mouth, I had to read it. On every two page spread we read something we should never do and an illustration of how that action can go wrong. On the last page we find out something that we always should do. I think my favorite is "Never go to the bank with a raccoon" because the raccoon's face looks shocked and flabbergasted that everyone in the bank thinks he is trying to rob it.

I think this book is funny buy by the end the negative statements on every page starting with "Never" got to me. I would have liked more "Always" statements mixed in. But that is just me. The book itself is, as I said, very funny and I think kids will get a kick out of some of the situations. All of the situations are very easy for a child to relate to, so I am sure they will see the humor in the silliness of the statements. The illustrations are great as well with a lot of attention paid to facial expressions. And it is the facial expressions that caused me to giggle on more than one occasion. Because there is only one sentence on the page it is a very fast read but if you take the time to look for all the details the illustrator included it could take you awhile to finish the book. I recommend for boys or girls ages 3-5.

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