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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guessing Games

Round Like a Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst

"Is it a meatball? A basketball? A pearl? As the round hole through the pages of this book grows larger, readers will come closer and closer to guessing the identity of the object that's round like a ball, hot and cold, every color, always moving, and home to us all."

I like the way this book is laid out but at the end it just seemed at bit odd. The entire book is trying to figure what this round object is, once we know that the object is the earth the last line is "everybody celebrated." It just didn't seem to make sense with the rest of the story. There are also some tips about how to take care of the earth. I think if this book was supposed to be about caring for the earth there might have been a better story to write than a guessing game. The repetitive nature of the book in always starting the clues with "it is round like a ball" does get on your nerves by the end. Usually I am a big fan of repetition in children's books but this one is too much. Overall I was not that impressed. Not a bad book but I would not go out of your way to read it either.

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