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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dragons Can be Boring

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

New from romance writer Sophie Jordan comes this young adult paranormal romance. Set in modern day America, Jacidina realizes that she is something special to her pack of dragons, being the first fire breather in over 300 years. But an unauthorized flying trip puts her very life in jeopardy. Her mother, not wanting to risk her daughter takes Jacinda and her twin sister Tamera far from the pack. In the desert Jacinda feels like she is going to die until she meets, or meets again Will. Will is from a hunter family, who's only purpose is to hunt down dragons. Jacinda is torn between her attraction to Will, and how he keeps her dragon side alive and letting her dragon die as her mother and sister would like and would keep them all safe.

Argh. This book is part of a series and I must say that book one was very unsatisfying. There was so much build up and then nothing happened. I was hoping for so many more answers out of this first book only to be disappointed. I can appreciate wanting to write a series and giving the reader sufficient back story and character development to make the story interesting but there was little story. It was all conversation and feelings with little to no action. And then when you hoped something would happen the book ends. I also felt that the main character, Jacinda was a bit too tempestuous for my tastes. Now, I may just be prejudice against the author because she normally writes romance novels, but I detected a bit of the overly selfish and obtuse in her heroine that is just unrealistic.


  1. I love your title for this post! Too bad this was so boring as I do find the premise unique.

  2. I did too, maybe the second book will be better.