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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Licious Fun

Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Goldilicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann

Pinkalicious and her mother and brother make cupcakes one rainy day. She loves them and the color pink so much that the next day she has turned pink. Her parents take her to the doctor and the doctor says she has Pinkititis, the only way to cure it is to eat a lot of green things and nothing else that is pink. Pinkalicious does not like that idea and sneaks another pink cupcake, but the next morning she has turned from pink to red. Pinkalicious is very upset and eats all the green food she can. Soon she is back to her normal color.

Purplicious and Goldilicious follow Pinkalicious through her other adventures at school and with her imaginary unicorn Goldie. She does not turn colors again but starts to learn to like some new colors in addition to pink.

I liked Pinkalicious, I thought it was a bit silly but loving the color pink myself I can see how fun this would be for little girls. Purplicious and Goldilicious lost me though. I didn't really see the same carefree story telling in either of those books. Not that they were bad or poorly written but the main character of Pinkalicious without outrageous pink things going on just doesn't feel as whimsical or fun. I do like the illustrations in all three books. They seem to be a combination of drawings, photographs, and collages. It has a very distinctive feel to them that is all Pinkalicious.

In looking for other interesting items about these books I found that there is a Pinkalicious show in New York and more merchandise than you can shake a stick at. I now understand why the books are so popular. If you can get a Pinkalicious doll, sticker set, coloring book, pajama set, and cupcakes it is hard not to sell a few books as well. I would probably have wanted all of that as a child so I can't really fault the marketing department for making the product tie-ins. Many little girls want to feel like a princess and dress up and pink for some reason seems to embody all of that.


  1. I hardly bash childrens books, but I bought this book (Pink) at the last book fair because my daughter just loved the cover, along with 5 others. Forget the the high sticker price (I KNOW, I'M I'M THE BOOK BIZ AND GET LOTS OF BOOKS GRATIS, BUT LYLA WANTED IT NOW, what's a Dad to do?).
    Premise is good, but I find myself skipping or substituting more than a few words in this book everytime I read it. I'm most annoyed about the POV.
    Although not awful, I believed that the book could have been less superficial, and accomplish the morale. Who is the author friends at Harper, or let's pray this is a limited print run (Fat chance since it already made it to the Scholastic Book Fair.) as there are less pretty books that better effectively communicate this type of message.


  2. Ted,
    I agree that this was not the best of books. I think that it was a bit of silly fun and kids need that from time to time in addition to books that teach them something. I was surprised though at how popular the books are. I didn't see anything that was particularly special about this series. It could just be great marketing and merchandising.