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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pretending with Friends

Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett

"Monkey and me,
Monkey and me,
Monkey and me,
We went to see..."

A little girl and her toy monkey love to pretend. They act out what animal they are pretending to be while the text on the page say the above. When you turn the page we see what animal they are pretending to be. The little girl and her monkey have great imaginations.

Very simple yet very fun to read this story lets the imagination run a little wild. The illustrations are very simple with a lot of white space that lets the reader really study the drawings. Done in pencil with only a few colors the red in the girl's red shirt stands out. Because of the repetitive nature of the book it is great to start teaching children about rhyming and let them read along with you. At the end of the story the little girl and monkey fall asleep. I recommend this story to read before nap or bedtime.

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