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Monday, May 17, 2010

ADHD May be a Sign of Divinity

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Book one of a five part series, Percy Jackson is not your typical twelve year-old. The book begins with a warning from Percy and then he tells the reader his tale of the past year and more specifically the summer after 6th grade. Percy discovers that he is half god, the son of Poseidon and that his uncle Zeus thinks he stole his thunder bolt. Wanting to clear his name Percy takes on a quest to recover the stolen lightning bolt to prove that he was not the one responsible and to avoid a war of the gods. With the help of Athena's daughter Annabeth, and a satyr named Grover Percy heads west to the underworld to confront Hades and clear his name.

I realize I am coming late to the party on this book but that didn't stop me from loving it. I was very impressed with how Rick Riordan mixed our world with that of the ancient Greek gods. The idea that there are still half human half gods running around fighting monsters is very fun and perfect for the setting of this book. I also liked that Riordan didn't rely too heavily on magic. Percy is just discovering that he is half god and that he might have powers. Using or controlling those powers was very difficult to achieve. It was interesting the characteristics that Percy warns the reader of in the beginning. They are common for some children but they also could be a sign of something more. I thought it was great to attribute his ADHD to a increased sense of the world due to being a demi-god instead of the stigma it has in today's society. The story moves along quickly and there was never a point at which it slowed down or got too detail intensive. I wouldn't have minded a few more lessons in Greek mythology but that is the teacher in me. It will be fun to pick up the next installment and see what lies in store for Percy in the coming year. I am also very curious about the movie now, I think this book could be done in movie format very well but I will reserve judgment until I see it. Overall I recommend this book for boys or girls ages 9-12.


  1. I LOVE the Percy Jackson series!! I've read all but the last of the series,I'm holding out since it's in hard cover,I like paper back though I do LOVE "Incarceron" so far!!


  2. I am so glad you love Incarceron. I just picked up the second book in the series at BEA. It looks really good. I will let you know you for sure when I am done. Also Rick Riordan has a new series coming out. It looks amazing but I was not able to get a copy at BEA this week, but I will try to track one down ASAP.

  3. I'm one of those adults who loves this series. I've read the first three - actually just read the third in the series today! I loved the movie as well; although it lacks the depth of the books.

    It was great meeting you at BEA!!!

  4. Trisha it was nice meeting you at BEA as well! I have yet to see the movie, I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. The movie version of book are rarely as good as the original but I thought the first Harry Potter movie came very close to the book and was a great movie.