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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uncontrolled Magic and Minors

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

Book two in the Darkest Powers series begins right where book one left off with Chloe, Rachelle, and Tori in the Edison Group facility and Derek and Simon still at large. Chloe realizes the need for escape and tries to come up with a plan. She learns that all of the kids at Lyle House had been genetically altered and the Edison Group was responsible. Because of this alternation some of their powers were weaker than normal (Simon), and that was considered a success. While others like Chloe was considered a failure because her powers were increased. Other failures have been terminated and Chloe realizes that she is only safe as long as her Aunt Lauren can hold the Edison Group to their promise of not hurting her. Chloe doesn't have much faith in her aunt and decides escape is necessary. She does find Derek and Simon and with Tori reluctantly tagging along, the four of them set out to find shelter and some answers. With the Edison Group on their heels at every moment and Derek beginning his transformations into a werewolf the group faces danger at every turn. Can they find the answers they need and more importantly can they learn to control their powers before they hurt each one another and anyone else who happens to get in the way?

I was surprised at how much is packed into this book. I think the entire story take place over a week and a half. I am still on the fence about this series. I did like that we learn more about the powers the group has and some of the past history of the Edison Group but I guess part of me still feels like this is all building up to something. I am afraid that something may never happen. The book is well written and I was very engrossed in the story the entire time so I cannot fault the author for any deficiencies there. The character development is getting a bit more in depth but we still know next to nothing about Simon, who is still merely a good looking hero type. For all my concerns about where this series is going I have to admit I am having fun reading it and I do want to read the next book so if I am disappointed in the end I only have myself to blame for being sucked into this world. Overall I do recommend, I liked how the characters struggle with the real issues of living on their own for the first time and how realistic the author is about emotions running high without some of the more basic creature comforts. I am hoping that book three will bring these two books to a glorious and jaw dropping conclusion but if not I have enjoyed the ride so far.

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