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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rhyming Mice are Very Nice

A Beasty Story by Bill Martin Jr. & Steven Kellogg

This story follows four mice as they go into the dark dark woods. The dialogue of the mice is in rhyme. As they find new things they talk about the colors they see around them. The beasty creature they find leads them to another house, where it turns it out it was just their brothers playing a joke. All six mice and the one little boy then settle down to sleep.

This was very cute. I like the rhyming in the dialogue and it would be a lot of fun to read aloud. There are little details in the illustrations to tip you off as to what might be happening and this would be a great book to go back and read again to find the details you missed the first time around. The book is large and is perfect for reading aloud to a group (you, the reader, will be able to read the words while holding the book out for all the listeners to see the pictures). The beasty creature is not that scary even before we know that it is just two mice playing a joke, so it shouldn't be scary to young readers. This is a fun way to learn your colors without even realizing it. I recommend for children ages 2-4.

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