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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Giving Back While Enjoying a Good Book

Animal Families by Lorrie Mack

Penguin Books has a new initiative to help get books into the hands of children around the world. Their new charity is We Give Books, the way it works is you go to the website and pick a charity, then you read one of their books online, when you are finished the book gets donated to the charity of your choice. It is that simple. I just read Animal Families from DK Publishing and I can tell you that it was really cool to think that just by reading a book online one is getting donated to a child who can use it. After you finish reading you are asked if you want to sign up to be apart of We Give Books, you do not have to, and your book is donated whether or not you sign up. I am really excited about Penguin giving back to communities. And I hope you go and read a book as well!

Animal Families explores how children and parents interact in many similar ways in the animal kingdom. I think kids will enjoy learning about how some animals like to be held, that they have to eat their vegetables too, or how some get a bath. Overall I found the book to be informative but not too overwhelming. Each two page spread has a new concept on it with lots of pictures, examples, and minimal text. The pictures tell a lot of the information. Great for young readers that are curious about animals and want to know more about how they live on a day-to-day basis.


  1. Hi Ruth,
    I just read "The Little Engine That Could",does that mean that I already donated one to the organization that I chose or do I have to sign up in order for that to happen?



  2. You already donated it! That is great, I am glad you liked the site and what they are doing.