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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Story Got Lost in the Fog

The Foggy Foggy Forest by Nick Sharratt

In this book we travel through the forest to discover what is happening. On one page there is a dark silhouette of some activity with the words "What can this be in the foggy foggy forest?" When the page is turned the image is colored in and there is a sentence, in rhyme, about what is going on.

I must admit that I picked up this book for the cover. I immediately loved it. Inside the books pages are almost like a wax paper and you can see through the open spaces. The darkened silhouette pages are gorgeous and very artistic. But when you turn the page I must say that I was let down. The detail in the drawings are minimal and the color choices seem flat and uninteresting. Because the cover and silhouetted pages are so striking I was expecting something as equally stunning on the other side, that is not the case. I must also admit that I do not like the rhymes the author came up with either. I think though, that if I liked the illustrations more I would be fine with the text. There is only one passage where the rhyme does not work at all and because all the characters in the forest are from fairy tales there are many options to replace that page. That may be the other part that I do not like about this book. There is no narrative to this story. Each page is a completely separate rhyme with a character from some fairy tale or legend. It is fun to have a whole bunch of your favorite fairy tale characters together but not if they are not tied together in any way shape or form. Overall I am at a loss about whether or not to recommend this book. Half of it is very interesting and it is a good exercise for children to try and guess at the darkened shape. The other half though is a jumble of fairy tale characters with no ties to each other (and in some cases to ties to a forest) and some bad rhymes. In the end I must say that I do not recommend, just goes to show that you really should not only judge a book by its cover.


  1. Thanks for warning us! I will avoid this one...Hopefully my sister will have kids soon so I can share all the other books you've been telling us about :)

    PS I saw the trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and it looked awesome! My boyfriend and I almost ordered it on On Demand, but then we opted for the action movie Gamer lol. It was a tough decision though!

  2. Judith, glad to save you so valuable reading time. I go through that same struggle of what to watch with my husband. I say we have a fairly even split but sometimes I think he gives in and lets me watch a few more girly movies.