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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kindergarteners Have More Fun

Miss Bindergarten has a Wild Day in Kindergarten by Joseph Slate Illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Miss Bindergarten's day begins with Adam (the alligator) throwing is his hat too high. The book continues with one sentence for each student in her class getting into some kind of interesting predicament throughout the day. Every few students we read the phrase "Miss Bindergarten is having a wild day in kindergarten." The students' names go in alphabetical order and the letter of their name corresponds to the letter of their species (Matty the Moose, Tommy the Tiger, etc...) At the end of the book we are given some extra information about what the students were working on and the names of all the students and teachers.

This is a very clever alphabet book. I really enjoyed going through and seeing what each student was up to throughout the day. Miss Bindergarten has a very lively class. The illustrations are packed with detail. On each page there is a lot to look at and discover. This is great for a one-on-one read when you and your young reader can really sit and pour over every page to find all the little fun details the illustrator has thrown in. Although some pages look a bit too jumbled it will be fun to read again and find details you missed the first time around. I also liked that the last page is the class roster. The names of the students and their species are in bold so that you can see the correlation in the letters. There is a rhyming scheme in the book but I thought at times it was a little weak. It does not detract from the story at all it just seemed forced every once and awhile. Another great aspect to this book is that it shows kindergarten to be a fun and wild time. Some kids are nervous about going to school and I think almost every child can find something fun in this book to get excited to go to school. In the end this is a great alphabet book and one that makes school look like a lot of fun. I would highly recommend for boys or girls ages 3-6.

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