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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Glorious Day for a Nap

A Glorious Day by Amy Schwartz

Henry lives in a little red apartment building with four other families. He wakes up and spends the day with his mom and friends. Henry likes to go to the supermarket, play with trains, nap, and go to the park. The other children in his building also do similar things throughout the day. At the end of the day when he is tucked in and ready for sleep he thinks that it was a glorious day.

Eh, this book is O.K. It is not a bad book but I was not particularly interested in it either. You know you are not enjoying a book when you can't wait for it to be over. The story mainly focuses on Henry but we hear about the other children in the building as well as they go through similar activities. I didn't feel like the story held my attention though, there was nothing interesting about Henry or his day. What may have contributed to that feeling are the very blah illustrations. The illustrations just look boring, there is not a lot of detail on each page and that doesn't help the story at all. I also didn't feel like I wanted to know anything more about the characters, there was nothing to draw me in and make me want to turn the page. But like I said it is not a bad book. It is well written and it might be a good story to wind down with before nap or bedtime. I would say pick it up if you are looking for something without a lot of bright colors or things to distract your young reader before sleepy time.

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