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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Duck & Goose Are Friends

Duck & Goose written and illustrated by Tad Hills

Duck and Goose come across a large, round, spotted object one day. Both claim it as their own but what is it? An egg of course. After some fighting they end up on the egg together, trying to keep it warm so it will hatch. Duck and Goose start to talk about all the things they are going to teach their little one. They find out that they do a lot of the same things, like waddle, swim, and fly. After a day and night of sitting on their egg they feel a little kick and think it is time for the egg to hatch. When the look down they see a bluebird who wants to play. Angry at disturbing their egg they tell bluebird to go away. Bluebird does go but first asks if she can play with their ball. Duck and Goose realize that they have been sitting on a ball not an egg and decide to play with it.

Adorable! That is really the best word to describe this story. From the illustrations to the story itself, it is adorable. Duck and goose are both drawn to look very cute and cuddly. They each have their own personalities and ideas about what to do with their egg. This is a great story about sharing and learning to get along with someone who is different. Young readers will also realize that the "egg" is not an egg at all but a ball and have a lot of fun knowing that while the two main characters do not. The illustrations are brightly colored and there are some great facial expressions from duck and goose. Otherwise though it is a very clean book with pleny of white space on the page so you can take in everything without being overwhelmed. I highly recommend for young readers ages 2-5.