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Monday, February 22, 2010

What Powers, Did I Miss the Magic Parts?

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

First book in the Darkest Powers series, we follow Chloe as she discovers she can communicate with the dead. And that is about it. Chloe is fifteen and lives with her father and a series of housekeepers. One day at school she sees a melted man in a janitor uniform who tries to speak with her. Chloe runs through the school trying to get away and ends up having to be sedated and taken from school in an ambulance. She is sent to Lyle House for two weeks so she can be observed. While there she realizes that she can speak to the dead and that some of the other kids there also have powers. With the help of some new friends she makes a plan to escape and look for answers. Only to discover at the end that the home not only knew about her power, but it had once been the site of medical testing on other supernaturals. And then the book ends.

I was so excited to read this Young Adult book and I feel like the entire story was just a set up for the next book. I don't understand why we needed a whole book to get us to the place we are at in the story. I do want to read the next book in the Dark Powers series but I am not feeling happy about it. There is one huge reveal at the end of this book, that I did not spoil for you, that might be worth the time invested to read the whole thing, but I am not sure. The book is well written and I cannot fault the author for any lapses in her prose I am just so upset that not much happened. Perhaps the long set up will make the next installment even more enjoyable. I did like that Armstrong puts so much time into letting us get to know the characters, but honestly your first impression of each is going to be an almost perfect assessment. The whole story takes place in one week and maybe we are supposed to feel confused and upset as Chloe is about the lack of answers and the mystery of her "condition." I am tentatively recommending for girls 12-16. I am hesitant because I have not read the second book yet and if it turns out to me more of the same then this will turn into a do no waste your time.

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