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Monday, February 1, 2010

I Heart Animals

My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall

Looking for a way to incorporate some more hearts into your life this February? Then this is the book for you, new from HarperCollins this book takes the reader through twenty animals and their emotions. All of the animals are constructed of hearts in different sizes, shapes, positions, and colors.

Beautifully designed, this book is a must for young toddlers. The animals are expertly crafted from only hearts and you will be amazed at some of Hall's creations. Each page has bold and bright primary colors (for the most part) with a large depiction of the animal. Each animal has only a line said about it, in which we learn the animal's name and what it feels like today. This book though is really all about the images. I couldn't believe what can be done with some hearts. Especially fun since Valentine's Day is right around the corner but a great book any time of the year. My local library already had this one on the shelves so it should be available now. A great way to introduce some new animals and colors to your young reader at home. I highly recommend for children ages 1-3.

If you want a preview of the book there is one posted at

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