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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cows Can't Write Poetry

Minnie and Moo: Will You Be My Valentine? by Denys Cazet

Moo decides, after reading a book of poetry, that everyone on the farm could use some love poems. Minnie and Moo dress up as cupids and literally romp through the farm shooting poems on arrows at everyone. At first the poems end up with the correct animal but then, in typical Minnie and Moo style, the poems start getting mixed up and causing a few problems. In the end though everyone has a little Valentine's Day cheer.

I think this book may be too silly for me. I don't know how that is possible. I think little cartoon chipmunks singing new pop songs in squeaky voices are hilarious, but this book tested my limits. I might have been hoping for more in the poems that Moo was composing, why I don't know, but that is all I can come up with. Some of the poems are just so ridiculous while others actually make sense and are funny but are not over-the-top silly. I could not appreciate the over-the-top silly this time around. The illustrations are great and break up the text so that new readers do not get overwhelmed with too many words on the page. This is a good book about Valentine's Day for boys or girls, which admittedly is a hard thing to do. With all of that said, I was still not wowed by this Minnie and Moo story. I would give it a try though if you are looking for a silly Valentine themed book. Might not be the best read before bed because it could inspire some silly poetry that will only get sillier as your new reader gets more tired.

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