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Monday, January 4, 2010

Storyline Online

I came across Storyline Online today in my search for other sites that have online books for kids to read. This site will have a member of the screen actor's guild read on to you. While I like the site and the book that was read to me, I wish that the video of the book was more about the illustrations on the page then about the actor. I felt as if I was only getting half the story because so much of the page was not shown to you the reader. I would recommend this site though if you have little ones who enjoy having a story read to them. There are also additional activities you can do related to each story.

Sebastian's Roller Skates
by Joan De Deu Prats, illustrated by Francesc Rovira
Sebastian is very shy. He usually doesn't speak to anyone even when he has things to say. One day while walking home from school Sebastian sees a pair of blue skates in the park. He has always wanted to skate so he tries them on and promptly falls down. After a few days of coming to the park and trying the skates he eventually get better. He takes the skates home and find the confidence to talk to people when he has something to say. He decides to buy himself his own pair of skates and take the blue ones back to the park so maybe someone else will learn as he did.

This is a very cute story and I can only imagine that if I got to see the full illustrations it would have been even better. Sebastian is able to overcome his shyness with a little confidence boost from learning how to skate. He falls down a lot at first and has to go very slowly but is rewarded in the end for all his hard work by being able to skate all around the park. I like that learning for him was not easy, it is a good lesson to have in a story that we are not good at everything we try the first time. I recommend this book highly for 3-6 year olds.

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